Food & Culture

Thus far, it has been more than 5 decades to Vijay’s Chawalla catering and serving the quintessence of Indian culture in its delectable Indian vegetarian cuisines, which foodies yearn to taste almost everyday. The irresistible Indian flavour that we successfully bring to our lip smacking dishes at Vijay’s Chawalla further mesmerizes the food enthusiasts, and they love to relish the heavenly taste of our scrumptious Indian food items. Perhaps that is why Vijay’s Chawalla is brand today that caters foodies across the London in the best possible manner.

To be candid, at Vijay’s Chawalla, we serve much more than the Indian vegetarian dishes. And that is the fact that makes us proud every time we cater a customer. In fact, it’s not only the spices that brings a heavenly taste into our cuisines, but also the values, culture and tradition that we exhibit at Vijay’s Chawalla make a person go gaga about India and it’s ethnicity.

At Vijay’s Chawalla, each of us know that we’re miles far from our motherland, however, we’re deeply proud of this fact that we’re spreading Indian flavour all across the England and people of varied ethnicities who are coming down to East London are acknowledging the brilliance of Indian cuisines, which are rich in taste and much more satisfactory than the other worldwide popular Asian and European cuisines.

In every dish that prepare at Vijay’s Chawalla, diners get a smack of true Indian flavour, which you can only experience while eating the Indian cuisines at some mainland Indian restaurant in India. Within the self-styled and neat premises of Vijay’s Chawalla, we’ve invested great efforts to preserve and display the Indian tradition, without which Vijay’s Chawalla can’t be Vijay’s Chawalla any moment.

Since last 50 years, we’re proudly introducing people coming to Vijay’s Chawalla from varied nooks and corners of this planet to India and it’s unmatchable food items, and it’s our great pleasure to share this fact with all you readers out there is that people highly admire Indian tradition, values, culture and especially cuisines.

So may we ask, when are you coming to Vijay’s Chawalla to gratify your starve with Indian flavour?