Since 1995, Vijay’s Chawalla, located at Green Street, is a popular Indian vegetarian restaurant in East London. Vijay’s Chawalla is effortlessly magnetizing the foodies from all over the city by putting across its scrumptious Indian dishes, which are undoubtedly appealing.

The vegetarian dishes of Vijay’s Chawalla are captivating the tourists and residents of London effortlessly who juggles around the entire city to experience the pure and scrumptious fine Indian cuisines. According to the tastes and preference, here the range of delectable dishes varies from South Indian to Gujrati and Punjabi.

We’re proud to serve innumerable Indian vegetarian dishes at Vijay’s Chawalla that couldn’t be experience at any other all-inclusive Indian vegetarian restaurant in London, and especially at East London. As well, the quality of food that we deliver within the tidy and clean vicinity of Vijay’s Chawalla is unparalleled and matchless. Vegans who love to dine outside within the embellished premises of Vijay’s Chawalla frequently, we do often emerge with superlative offers and discounts for them as well.

In the present day, Vijay’s Chawalla is not just an ordinary Indian vegetarian restaurant in East London, but a brand that has won Newham Food Award for the “Best Lunch” in 2010.

Here, if you land at our Indian vegetarian restaurant in East London someday to try our lip smacking dishes, we promise mesmerizing you to the utmost.