Welcome to Vijay’s Chawalla : Pure Vegetarian Indian Restraunt in London

Vijay’s Chawalla is a popular vegetarian restaurant in London which embodies the spirit and essence of Indian Cuisine. Located at Green Street, it serves up its contemporary and traditional Indian vegetarian cuisines, which are superior in taste and gratifies the taste buds to the utmost.

Though, the menu at Vijay’s Chawalla is overflowing with the item names, but according to the tastes and preferences, the range of delectable dishes vary from South Indian to Gujrati and Punjabi.

Using the finest organic and local ingredients, Vijay’s Chawalla’s splendid cuisine is light while still keeping the flame of traditional Indian cuisine burning bright. The quality of food that we deliver within the tidy and clean vicinity of Vijay’s Chawalla is unparalleled and matchless.

In addition, taste is something that diners can never compromise on, especially at a restaurant. And incidentally, Vijay’s Chawalla is one of the best vegetarian restaurants that Indian vegetarians have available in London.

After many years of success, Vijay’s Chawalla have always been dedicated to providing only the very best to our customers and believe that customer satisfaction is paramount in our success. Our Indian vegetarian restaurant East London theme is properly aligned with different dishes and meals to suffice the taste temptation of our visitors.